Dear Friends

Hi! I am Daisyrie S. Barredo. I live in the Philippines and I am 9 years old. I study in St. Louis School-Don Bosco. I was born in 2000.

My parents are Rechel B. Serona my mother and my father is Rudolf J. Brust .I am grade 3. My favorite colors are pink and blue. I love to play all my toys, but my favorite toy is Barbie dolls. My favorite sport is badminton.

I love to make pictures with the small camera of papa. Kuya Kim calls me always picture monster.

diaryI like all animals because I can see how they express their feeling even they can’t talk I have dream that I am in a big palace that I am the princess and my parents are the queen and king. My best Friend is Layka.

I like drawing, coloring and doing arts and wish I have many friends.